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Fish Finder for the Kayak 2019

A Fish Finder for Kayak is basically the same as any other fish finder but which should include some features which make it more suitable to use specifically as a kayak fish finder as opposed to one which would be used in general broad fish finder terms.

The reasons for this are varied with the most obvious being that a kayak fish finder needs to be run from a limited power source such as batteries whereas a fish finder used on a larger vessel can utilize the power generated by the boat’s alternator or generator while under power and only needs to rely on battery power if they are drift fishing which is rare on a larger vessel such as a trawler.

fish finder for kayak
fish finder for kayak

Best Fish Finder For Kayak 2019

1. Garmin GPSMAP 547xs 10Hz GPS/GLONASS Receiver without Transducer

Garmin GPSMAP 547xs
Garmin GPSMAP 547xs

With Garmin GPSMAP 547xs combination chartplotter/sounder, you can have an easy and clear visibility during the daytime or nighttime. It is consists of a trouble-free to use interface, inland mapping and U.S. coastal. The combination of 10Hz GPS/GLONASS receiver makes it very fast, even up to ten times per second. The unit presents a consistent and fluid on-screen location. It is very precise when it comes to marking waypoints as well as navigating. It displays a very clear sonar images in order to locate the fishing location, ship debris or diving spot. It also tolerates sonar recording.

  • 5″ VGA display
  • HD-ID™ sonar
  • 10Hz GPS/GLONASS receiver
  • Wireless connectivity, permits you to access marine-specific applications through smartphone or tablet

Summary: the unit is effortless to install with clear instructions. It worked fine at any speed and depth. The display is uncomplicated to read and correct. They have employed it at numerous lakes with no problems. The unit works flawlessly.

2. Garmin echoMAP 50s GPS with Trasom Motor Mount Transducer and Worldwide Basemap

Garmin echoMAP 50s
Garmin echoMAP 50s

Garmin echoMAP 50s is an astounding chartplotter and fishfinder integration. The unit’s clear 5″ screen presents unambiguous target separation. It permits visibility even at daytime and nighttime. It has user-friendly interface that any person can navigate. echoMAP 50s appears with a universal basemap or Garmin U.S. cartography. The combination of 10Hz GPS/GLONASS receiver makes it very fast, even up to ten times per second. It presents a consistent and fluid on-screen location. It is very precise when it comes to marking waypoints as well as navigating. It also tolerates sonar recording. It is a must-have for locating the hot fishing spot.

  • 5″ VGA display
  • HD-ID™ sonar
  • 10Hz GPS/GLONASS receiver
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Wireless connectivity, permits you to access marine-specific applications through smartphone or tablet
  • Supports multiple Global Navigation Satellite Systems
  • Built-in satellite receiver for highly accurate position, velocity and time data
  • Dual microSD card slots for optional mapping and/or user data.

Summary: It has a clear screen. The installation was fairly easy. It is a fine GPS and depth unit.

3. Raymarine Dragonfly Fish finder Sonar GPS with Navionics Gold

Raaymarine Dragonfly
Raaymarine Dragonfly

Raymarine Clear Pulse CHIRP sonar and a true two-channel transducer spectacularly expose fish and other underwater creatures clearly because the unit utilizes conventional and Raymarine’s exclusive Down Vision sonar. Its integrated 50-channel GPS with fast-acquisition technology guarantees additional navigation coolness. The 5.7″ diagonal LED backlit display offers utmost visibility even in daylight.

  • 50-channel internal GPS
  • Splay Type: LED backlit, sunlight-viewable, 5.7″diag, 640 x 480 Pixels
  • Included Accessories: Transom mount transducer, flush-mount kit, silicone-rubber sun cover, quick release swivel bracket, power cable
  • Sounder: Clear Pulse CHIRP sonar
  • Quick release swivel bracket included.
  • Navionics Gold on a Micro SD card incorporated

Summary:it is easy to install. The display resolution is incredible. It is as well easy to navigate.

Best Kayak Fish Finder Manufacturers


Undoubtedly the most well known kayak fish finder manufacturer, Humminbird has been researching and developing cutting edge technology within the fish finder industry for over 30 years. Humminbird has been extremely instrumental in developing a huge range of marine electronics including kayak fish finders, fish finders, depth sounders (Sometimes referred to as echo sounders) sonar systems, marine radios and GPS systems. Based in the USA hummingbird fish finders have become extremely popular among kayak fishermen and their smart cast wrist mounted series is becoming increasingly popular in all fishing enviroments and an excellent choice if contemplating buying a compact kayak fish finder. Find a Humminbird kayak Fish Finder here


Furuno Marine Electronics is probably the oldest fish finder developer and has a long standing reputation for building extremely high quality and reliable kayak fish finder units as well as GPS (Global Positioning Systems,) auto steering devices, Radar systems and navigation technology including chart plotters, Navtex, Weather Gax UHF and VHF communication as well as single and side band radios. Although most of their fish finders are sometimes considered too large to be used effectively as a small kayak fish finder, the owners of larger kayaks have reported excellent results in using Furuno products. They also pride themselves in building a range of other power boating and sailing accessories as well as their impressive range of fish finders and Marine Electronics!


Based in New Zealand, the Navman company was fist set up in 1988 and has become an established leader in Marine Electronics with their vast range of high quality Global Positioning Systems and related products related to the marine industry. They have several smaller models of fish finders which can be utilized as a kayak fish finder. They also boast a large range of measuring instruments for wind speed, depth gauges, auto steering, chart plotters, fuel flow regulators as well as fuel gauges. Although their main product range is targeted towards GPS, several of their fish finders have been used successfully as kayak fish finders.


An extremely big name is Global Positioning Systems, Garmin’s cutting edge technology has become a household name in many boating enthusiast’s homes. While a global leader in Marine Electronics, Garmin also serves the Aviation and Automotive industries with their innovative range of tracking and navigation devices. Their Line up of fish finders is impressive with several hand held devices available which can be used as a successful Kayak Fish Finder.


Lowrance has been around almost as long as Furuno and are well established as global leaders within the electronics industry. Their GPS are world re-known for excellent quality and craftmanship and robust design. Well known for their reliability, Lowrance products include Global Position Systems, Sonar devices, and sport fishing products. Constanty researching and developing new technology, Lowrance Fish Finder took a huge leap forward during 2004/2005 in releasing 21 new additions to their line of excellent products. They have since remained world leaders in their field of GPS and aviation navigation systems as well as their fish finders. Like Furuno their range is considered somewhat large for smaller boats but have become a favorite Best Kayak Fish Finder for those with larger kayaks.


Synonymous with portable and hand held kayak fish finders, the Hawkeye range of innovative and technically advanced products stand alone as the most practical kayak fish finder device for use in both fresh and salt water fishing applications applications. Having to constantly change positions in his boat to view his fish finder, the man who conceived the idea, then took it to a group of technicians who developed and manufactured a portable model ideally suitable for a kayak fish finder. As a result Norcross Marine was given birth too and now stand alone in the eyes of many kayak fishermen when considering a suitable portable fish finder for their kayaks.

SI-Tex Electronics

A Major division of Koden Electronics who were responsible for developing the first CRT color fish finders and Color CRT Marine Radar, Si-Tex Electronics now manufacturer and sell several excellent
kayak fish finder models Si-Tex are also world renown builders of GPS systems, Radar, Marine Chart Plotters, and many other Marine Electronics devices including Auto Steering Systems , VHF radios and the Liquid Crystal color kayak fish finder.


Another world leader in Marine Electronics, Raymarine develop and produce a vast array of products targeted toward the sport fishing and the light marine industries. Their range of products include; kayak fish finder systems, Global Position Systems, (GPS) Auto Pilot Systems, Chart Plotters, Navigation Systems and Software. Get your Ray Marine kayak Fish finder here

Other Basic Information:

Fish finders (aka depth finders, sometimes called sounder) are one of popular device for fishing. This tool transmit sound wave into the water by transducer. When sound waves reflect off any objective like fish, rock or water bottom, then the signal return to transducer and show wealth of information below the water on display.

How to Choose the Right Fish Finder

The price range of fish finder is from a few dollars to thousands of dollars, so they can meet your need for fishing. You will have to do research on 2 import parts of fish finder before you buy: transducer and display.


At first you need know the differences of wide beam, narrow beam and specialized beam. Transducer sends a sound wave from its shape of cone. Usually a narrow beam has less than 30 angle of degrees. When the device is in 20 feet deep under water, it would form a circle of 7 feet across. The wider the beam is, it will cover more area then you have better chance to find more fish. The downside of the wide beam is losing signal strength quicker. The Best solution could be the dual beam which has both advantages.


Fish finder display has a variety of pixels such as 160V x 132H, 640V x 320H. The higher pixel get you more information, but it will cost more. Also, the high price fish finder has a color display with better resolution. There are several other features of displays, do your research before you decide to buy one.


The stronger power of fish finder can get detect information in deeper water. A 100w fish finder can reach depth about 600 feet, 500w fish finder can reach 1500 feet. You may need a more powerful model if you use it in salt water.

Why You Need Buy GPS for Fish Finder

A GPS can save hot fishing spot so you can return to same location in the future, it usually has hundreds to thousands for you to mark fishing spots. A normal GPS

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